Weaving Together the Past, Present and Future January 29, 2018

Weaving Together the Past, Present and Future

“Heirloom” is a word that carries pride and mystery. Some pass down furniture or jewelry. Some pass down quilts or wedding dresses. Some pass down stories and songs. Heirlooms comfort and connect us to the past – to our history.


My grandmother recently passed down a different kind of heirloom – her infamous tea cookie recipe. Having the recipe was wonderful – having the recipe in her handwriting made it a treasure. My grandmother created something long ago and decided to pass down that little piece of her to me, to share with my grandchildren someday. She had her handwriting transferred onto the back of a Sasha Nicholas serving piece with my monogram on the front. Now I can serve her tea cookies with a part of her always near.

I also believe in creating new heirlooms, new traditions and new stories to carry my story to future generations.


My sister and I are avid travelers – our “sister trips” are some of my favorite memories. To capture that piece of me, I bought handmade lace in Belgium. It has become a cherished possession and one that I will be honored to pass down in my family.



So often when we think of “heirloom,” we think it must be something old. But we have the opportunity every day to create our heirlooms. To make a choice to put a little piece of our life, of our heart into something that will last and be passed down. To hand down the first strands of history so that future generations will be able to weave together the past, present and future.


That is why we created June St. George. It is a place to create an heirloom – an object of value and of you. It is a place to create something of high quality that will ensure it can be passed down for generations to come.


It is time to create your heirloom.