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It's written in the stars...

Growing up with teen magazines, I couldn’t help but peek at our horoscopes, the perfect shade of lipstick for your zodiac, and so many other constellation-centric articles! As a Leo myself, I strongly identify with the creative energy and warm descriptors of the lion. My sister, a Cancer, is truly empathetic and sensitive like her zodiac dictates. I have always had an interest in stars, although space movies make me anxious, I love to wake up in the middle of the night to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower! The stars and all their mystery and folklore are the inspiration behind our latest collection, the Constellation Collection.

At June St. George we love to find new ways for you to make your piece truly “yours” and exciting ways to add personalization. You can now design your own constellation piece, personalizing the piece by selecting your own zodiac constellation as the star arrangement. You can select your own colors, as always, (select “Design Your Own” from the menu) or can you shop our Navy and Gold night sky colorway in our “Shop- Curated Colorway” collection shop (select “Shop- Curated Shop from the menu). Using our traditional cut and loop construction, the background and supporting stars are left looped while your zodiac is cut to make the constellation pop off the rug!

Cannot decide on a colorway? Find even more inspiration from the stars! Aries, with your passion and energy red is the perfect color for your piece, we suggest M2- Firebrick for the fieriest red! Taurus nurturing spirit pairs perfectly with a natural green like G8- Aloe or M16- Fern! Curious and bright Gemini’s will love a piece in yellow like cheery M16- Daffodil or soft A15- Lemon! Cancers like my sister will love soft and clean colors and we suggest S1- White (maybe pair it with a metallic like silver). To my fellow Leo’s our signature Gold and Navy was made for us to SHINE while grounded and thoughtful Virgo’s will love the balance of warm greens like G4-Dark Sage and G15-Sage. Libra’s calm and open nature will be drawn to soft pinks like R6- Blossom paired with B5-Lilac (hello Lilac star dust). Deep and strong Scorpio’s can create a dramatic moment with B12- Black background and metallic stars! Positive Sagittarius A19- Grape is calling your name! Earthy and practical Capricorn, we suggest any of our “N” colors like Cork, Laurel, or Chestnut! Aquarius, you are drawn to the sky and waters, so we suggest our most popular colors, B6- Artistry Blue or B7- Cornflower! Lastly, Pisces, your healing and rejuvenating nature is calling for A16- Chartreuse to match your energy!

Will you design a rug, pillow or both? Only the stars know!


Design your own Constellation Rug

Design your own Constellation Pillow


Shop Curated Colorway Rug

Shop Curated Colorway Pillow


Dress: Sail to Sable x Style Charade 

Shoes: Old

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  • astrologerdevanand on June 12, 2024

    Your blog post on the “Constellation Collection” at June St. George is a captivating exploration of celestial-inspired jewelry. The way you showcase the beauty and elegance of each piece in the collection is truly mesmerizing. Your attention to detail and the way you highlight the unique characteristics of each constellation-themed item is both informative and visually stunning. Thank you for sharing this enchanting collection and for providing such a delightful glimpse into the world of celestial accessories.

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