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Design Your Own Oushak - Behind the Designs


Six years after the launch of the original Design Your Own tool, June St. George is thrilled to announce the next chapter – Design Your Own Oushak! Like all of our rugs, you can select the design, the size, every single color and any personalization you would like, ensuring that your oushak rug is as bespoke as your life!

Every single one of our oushak designs was carefully and thoughtfully designed (and hand-drawn!) by me – I wanted to bring June St. George’s signature fresh outlook on custom rug design, but also wanted to incorporate the traditional elements that make these rugs truly “oushak” style rugs. Oushaks are full of meaningful symbols, elements and colors that bring good fortune, prosperity, and happiness into a home. Our Highland Collection, for example, includes the “Cintemani” traditional motif – a moon and cloud – which symbolizes power and strength. We also included the Starry motif, which is a geometric motif that symbolizes prosperity and productivity (and who doesn’t need a little more of those!) Of course, one of the most beautiful and plentiful motifs in oushaks are florals, branches, palm leaves and the Tree of Life, all of which represent abundance.

While, rich reds and deep spice colors are more traditional in oushak rugs, we’ve modernized our color pallet with tranquil tones, all of which were thoughtfully selected to work together no matter the combination or placement. Of course, we can always create custom colors just for you – just email us!!

When dreaming up our oushak line, we knew that there were some things we would not budge on – our rugs had to be high quality New Zealand wool, had to be Child Labor Free, and had to support equal pay for women. Unfortunately, due to loose laws and import control, you will see many companies claiming to meet these standards that absolutely do not, but we perform a through diligence of our suppliers and manufacturers to confirm materials and labor standards. We proudly import cruelty-free New Zealand wool and are a part of the Campaign for Wool organization that maintains the highest standards for wool. We only partner with vetted manufacturers that conform to the highest labor and ethical standards – and that have been weaving for generations! We love to support our artisans who are weaving a bright future for the rug industry!

We are so excited for you to explore June St. George’s new oushak designs. Every design has been personally designed and is ready for you to make your very own – a bespoke oushak to celebrate your bespoke life! As you select your colors and see your piece come to life with our real-time rendering tool, I hope you will know that you are building a beautiful, ethical, heirloom-quality piece that is as bespoke as your life!

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