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For the Love of Tassels

I come by my love of tassels naturally. Growing up, my mother had a gorgeous collection of elegant tassels that hung off the key to our grandfather clock, on the antique bar cart, and all around our home. Christmas brought out festive tassels to brighten the holiday season. Over the years, I have traded the voluminous tassels with patterned ribbons for sleek, monotone silk tassels. Beautiful tassels hang on each bedroom door to denote “private” spaces in our home!

Our Havana design is centered around the movement of tassels and is a nod to the fringe and tassel bordered pillows I grew up with!

Using tassels for jewelry and fashion accessories has boomed over the last few years and its no wonder!! Their movement and flow add a touch of class and fun to any outfit.

The Tiny Tassels epitomizes the fun, classic approachability of the tassel accessory. Everything from necklaces to earrings, bracelets, garments, and keychains are hand created by owner Mimi using every tassel color you could dream of! Mimi is the co-owner of Cannonborough Collective, based in Charleston, South Carolina. You can find your perfect tassel accessory in her store or online!  We are especially eyeing the chic garments made by her mom!

We are so excited to partner with Mimi of The Tiny Tassel to give away a pair of “June St. George blue” The Tiny Tassel earrings and barre tassel bracelet in hot pink! Head to our Instagram and follow directions in the caption to enter our giveaway!

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