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Sailor Style with Fursatile

Fursatile Bed Covering and June St. George Rug


June Sailor, half the namesake of June St. George, is my 10 lb fluffy sidekick. While we call her Sailor, her name was June when I adopted her and being a true southerner she kept her beautiful long name, June Sailor Pansy.



June Sailor loves to be in charge – she has her own seat in my office and enjoys joining in on video chat meetings. But her favorite part of the day is jumping in my bed at night and snuggling. 

Today  is all about one of her favorite things, her Fursatile protective cover. The Fursatile bed cover is made from performance fabric that keeps bedtime cookie crumbs and dog hair off of your bed. I love mine because it is easy to throw in the wash and keeps my bedding fresh.

June Sailor’s little sister MoonPie loves to dig the perfect sleeping spot. Since it’s so natural for her to dig, I always hated telling her to stop digging on my bed, but it was ruining my bedding and causing pulls in the fabric. With the Fursatile bed cover, she can dig all she wants until her spot is just right.

Anyone who knows June Sailor also knows she enjoys the finer things in life. She selected the white with gray corner design Fursatile cover, which coordinates with the design of my room.

Fursatile was created so that your home can be pet friendly and stylish and “elevates the connection between people and pets”. We love Fursatile’s step ottoman that is as versatile as it is chic.

In honor of June St. George’s birthday week, Sailor is giving away a white on white Fursatile bedcover! She loves the white on white – it will fit with anyone’s décor and freshen up anyone’s bedding. 


Head to our Instagram to enter to win Sailor’s pick for our anniversary celebration! Hurry, you only have until midnight! 

Happy snoozing!

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