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Why Monograms?

“A monogram, by literal definition, is a combination of letters, which are intertwined or overlapped to represent an individual, municipality, company, or kingdom. Yet, that definition does not begin to capture the essence of a monogram. What is the true meaning of a monogram, this basic form of personal expression that has remained a social constant throughout the Western world for nearly 3,000 years? A monogram is a connection. It links a ruler to his people, a brand to its customer, a bride to a groom, one generation of a family to another, an individual to her future. Monograms connect us to another time and place, to loved ones past and present, and to what we find essential in our own lives.” – The Art of the Monogram by Cynthia Brumback
            The history of monograms is fascinating – where else can you talk about ancient Romans and Coco Chanel in the same sentence?! But that fantastic history probably warrants a blog post all its own! Today we want to talk about something special in the history of monograms – YOU.
Maybe you are like me and the love of monograms is in your blood, passed down from your mother or grandmother. We like to warn guests at our home – hold still too long and Pippa will monogram you!
            Maybe you are just discovering your love for monograms. Maybe you are newly married or maybe you just realized how great your monogram looks.
            Maybe you aren’t so sure how you feel about monograms. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you love yours!
Your monogram is more than just letters. At its very basic form, it is a representation of your name. The name your parents gave you – maybe with history behind it, maybe with a blank page for you to write its history. It’s a tie to your family. It is your connection to your past, present and future. It can also represent events in your life – a marriage or new baby. It can represent unity, ownership and pride.
            A monogram is your personal brand. The world moves so fast and individuality is sometimes a victim of the desire to do things faster. But when we take the time to express ourselves, to express our individuality, we are showing the world that we are our own person. It is showing the world that we are proud of who we are. It is showing the world that we value our name and what it represents.  
 We believe that your bespoke life should be celebrated. And there is no better way to celebrate than by using your monogram.

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