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Pink and Glacier on Ostrich - Love Moments by Juliann Lancon


Pink and Glacier on Ostrich

Includes Down Alternative Insert 

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This collection is meant to represent cherished moments throughout your life. Each heart signifies a precious memory, which is intertwined and connected to additional hearts and other memories.  In the end, one doesn’t remember life as a whole but as just a string of moments. Savoring the memories and the moments are at the heart of what makes life so special. June St. George has partnered with Juliann Lancon to feature her meaningful artwork our bespoke rugs and pillows!

Celebrate Your Bespoke Life by choosing your own colors and materials in our Design Your Own tool or shop fully curated pieces where the colors and materials have been thoughtfully selected for you.


Meet Juliann

Like the Dutch impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh once said, “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” My love to paint stems from my love of people. Having the goal to create something that brings out joy, peace and serenity in ones self through my art drives me. 

With inspiration stemming from nature, texture and interior design, my art pieces invoke depth, complexity and fluidity. 

I strive to create something that brings light to your home and love for viewers eye. I started painting at a young age and I am grateful I am able to share my gift and passions with you. I hope my immense love for creating artwork encourages you to see the beauty paint and canvas can evoke. My goal is to provide you with timeless, meaningful art that will last a lifetime. 

Pink and Glacier on Ostrich - Love Moments by Juliann Lancon