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X- Custom Elizabeth


2x4  Pippa Collection 

B7- Cornflower Looped, B3 Ghost Cut

Rivers Monogram "CKR" 

Total: $340


2'3" x 5'4" Clementine Grace Bows

B5- Lilac Looped, B3 Ghost Cut

Paulette Monogram "CKR" 



2x3 Clementine Grace Bows 

R6- Blossom Looped, B6 Artistry Blue Cut 

Paulette Monogram "CKJ" 


2'3"x5'4" Rug Pad Cut to Size- Dual Sided 

Total: $25


2x3 Rug Pad Cut to Size- Dual Sided 



Shipping: $67 

Friends and Family Discount: FREE SHIPPING 


Total: $1205



X- Custom Elizabeth